Company Policy

  • We are committed to offer Goods and Services of satisfactory quality as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14(2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.
  • We provide a Certificate of Insurance immediately (Approved Insurance) to our customer upon purchase, to protect customers who have made pre-payments, including but are not limited to packages and vouchers to the business. Certificate of Insurance will be issued at the end of the first year for the balance value in the package.
  • The Approved Insurance and prepaid package is valid for 1 year from date of purchase & the maximum insurance per certificate will be $10,000. The insurance will compensate spa customers for unutilised package value in the event of business closure.
  • The Certificate of Insurance will be re-issued for the remaining value of the package upon expiration after 12 months.
  • The Certificate of Insurance will clearly state the name of business, validity of coverage and value of coverage. 
  • All pre-payments including, but are not limited to packages and vouchers will be covered by insurance.


  • Our packages must be paid in full on the date of purchase. 
  • We offer a 5 working day cooling period, (excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays) during which you may request for a full refund on unused packages or products. We allow packages to be transferable or exchangeable for products/services, after the 5 working day cooling period (excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays). 
  • No refunds will be granted once the package has been partially used. Beyond the 5 working day cooling period, refund requests will be assessed on a case by case basis. 
  • We do not accept deposits for any appointments / reservations. You will not be charged upon making any online booking. 
  • The respective validity periods will apply from the start date of the package (i.e. booking of your first service). You may request for an extension on valid medical grounds. (*requires supporting medical documents).
  • All refunds may be made via interbank transfer or credit card reversal within 14 working days. 
  • Packages may be shared as long as the massage booking is made by the package holder. 
  • Packages may be transferred. For transfers, please email [xx] with full details of the person who will be taking over the package (full name, contact number, email address).
  • We accept payment modes in Nets, Visa, Master & American Express. Receipts will be issued to customers to acknowledge any form of payment.
  • We accept original gift vouchers issued by our Company, which must be presented prior to treatment.
  • Gift vouchers will not be honoured past its expiry date. Vouchers are not redeemable or exchangeable for cash and cannot be replaced if lost, damaged or stolen. Voucher will be null and void if damaged or if any amendments have been made. Remaining value of vouchers is not refundable or exchangeable for cash. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts. Other terms and conditions displayed in our store will apply. 
  • Reminders will be sent 1 day prior to appointment date, and at least one month prior to package expiry. 
  • We may revise our terms and conditions as necessary as possible at our discretion without advanced notice. Clients will be notified of the changes made. 


  • Customers are advised to make prior reservations for all services and arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to enjoy the full duration of service. 
  • Customers are required to fill up our consultation form which includes a health declaration upon arrival. Customers with health conditions are advised to consult their doctors before treatment.
  • Treatment will conclude as scheduled out of consideration for other customers.
  • Customers are advised to respect the therapists providing the professional treatment. Indecent behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in termination of service, and there will be no refund or compensation.
  • Customers are advised to silent their mobile phones and other electronics in the treatment room.
  • Customers will be responsible for all their personal belongings and valuables. We are not responsible for any loss or damage in our premises.


  • Our Company does not charge GST. All prices of products and services shall be quoted as net prices and will be clearly communicated to our customers and prominently stated at appropriate shop areas and/or communication materials.
  •  We will ensure that the validity of promotional prices and discounts will be clearly communicated to our customers and prominently stated at appropriate shop areas and/or communication materials.
  • We will not over or under charge clients. 
  • We will inform and seek customer approval in advance for any matter pertaining to payment and charges.
  • We will honour the prices quoted at the time of booking for treatments, spa packages & other related services.


  • We do not engage in selling activities or any form of selling tactics during treatments and in treatment rooms.
  • We serve both male & female customers.
  • We may contact customers via mobile phone or email. 
  • We guarantee our service standards. Customers can request for a change of therapist within the first 10 minutes of treatment if service is unsatisfactory.
  • We are committed to ensuring all customers’ data are kept strictly private per the Personal Data Protection Act and our PDPC policy. All customers’ particulars are solely for the purpose of completing sales transactions. We will always seek an acknowledgement of consent from our customers in the event we wish to utilise the information given to us for our marketing purposes.
  • Therapists are strictly prohibited from bringing their mobile phones, video/image capturing devices into the treatment rooms during treatment.
  • We are committed to our therapist being formally trained to meet training standards in accordance with prevailing CAT 1 massage licence requirements stipulated by the Licensing Authority.
  • Monthly briefings are held to remind staff not to make any unethical promises to customers, which are not part of the Company’s advertising and promotion package. Any staff found guilty of making unrealistic/unethical promises may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
  • Customers may feedback their experiences via email to [email protected].
  • The average time taken to initially respond to a complaint is 3 days, and 14 days to resolve a complaint.
  • If complaints/feedback is not resolved, customers may contact other authorities (e.g Case) for assistance.


  • We ensure that products and services offered match what is on our website and other marketing platforms/communications. 
  • We ensure that sufficient details on pricing, quality, availability and terms of sales are clearly communicated across our marketing channels.
  • For all promotions we run (discounts, lucky draws, free gifts, giveaways, contests etc.), we will ensure that all promotional materials will clearly state terms, eligibility, validity periods and exclusions. 
  • For promotions on retail products, we will ensure sufficient inventory for the duration of the promotion, and will also clearly state that the promotion is while stocks last on all marketing materials. 


  • Hideaway will inform CaseTrust in writing of any change(s) 7 days before implementation of the following changes.
    • ACRA business profile, Ownership, Partners, Directors, Legal Entity Name
    • ME Licence, Establishment name, ME Licensee
    • Contact person for CaseTrust, Name, Designation, Contact number, Email
    • Mailing address
    • Outlet address
    • Business contact
    • Policies
    • Additional/Cessation of outlets
    • Withdraw collection of prepayment
  • Hideaway will seek approval from CaseTrust prior to implementation of the following:
    • Implementation of prepayment
    • Change of accredited outlet address
  • Hideaway will inform CaseTrust in writing immediately:
    • If there has been no collection of prepayment and/or input of prepaid customers’ data into the approved Prepayment Protection System for 15 continuous days.